Chilling Out With Were-wolves!

Sunday, December 11, 2011 - si tukang karang : zey at 9:44 PM
Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.

I have/own a were-wolf. A pack of were-wolves. How lucky I am, huh? They protect me whenever there are vampires/were-bears [coz I am honey? err?] try to suck my blood. Don't mess with me, because my life is surrounded by my truly-deeply-lovely were-wolves! Even though they can't heal my scars like vampire did, they do told me that those scars shouldn't be heal. Or else I won't forget the past that I did wrong. My pack of were-wolves include 3 male were-wolves and 5 [including myself] female were-wolves. Last week I'm chilling out with my were-wolves, the female one, watching the loss of the vampires! Muahahahahaha!!! What? vampires got the chance to married humans? Oh, we don't care much because we are were-wolves, half humans and half wolf...why bother to be with a full human when you can be both? haha...kidding!

Ok, that was the first plan to watch Breaking Dawn. But then, biasalah kita memang tak selalu dapat apa yang kita nak. We watched other movie which was Ombak Rindu. Kalau Breaking Dawn [eh dah tulis meleis?] 13 tahun ke atas, aq rasa Ombak Rindu pon patot 13 tahun ke atas. Masalahnya ramailah pulak mokcik2 and pokcik2 membawa anak-anak mereka yang tak paham menda untuk tengok ong bak rinduwww..oopss maksud aq Ombak Rindu. Overall, cerita tuh best. Bolehlaa, tak rugi tunggu kat Astro First.. kihkihkih... Joking lah, actually, tengoklah wayang atau muat turun secara halal bak kata Yusry, duit kita tu nanti akan menyumbang kepada filem yang lebih baik kelak. ceh! Aaron best, Lisa best, Maya pon best. Lakonan semuanya memang menjadi. Eh, tak lupa juga lakonan Azizah Mahzan memang mantap. Suka letteww dapat hug dengan Aaron.. =p

With Harris

With Mila

Ombak rinduwww....~

Tak de kerja i

Tak de kerja ii

Tak de kerja iii

The lovely-female-were-wolves! aauummm!!!

P/s : There were so many things happened in my pack. All the ups and downs...but that doesn't make me hate to be with this pack, every now and then, I am so proud to say that I love my pack, I LOVE MY FAMILY!
apa u'all rasa? 

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