Wedding Dress

Friday, May 20, 2011 - si tukang karang : zey at 1:43 PM
Assalamualaikum and Happy Good day to all Korea-lovers and Korea-haters!

Wedding dress a song from Big Bang's group member- Tae Yang. For Korea-lovers, I'm sure you guys had listen or even download this song. As for me, this song is incredibly touched my heart yaww! And to Korea-haters, don't worry much because this song come with many version on You Tube. Meleis version by Nik Irfan, English version by Kevin Lien. And guys, you should, should, should watch the original video by Tae Yang. Gosh, I love the way he dance!! =DD

Big, big credit to Kevin Lien for the words and lyrics for English version of wedding dress. Now, I understand what is the song is all about...geeheee.... =p

Baby, all the times we've had
I kept my feelings wrapped.
I'll always ask myself,
"How did I lose her heart?"
Your love was in my reach 
but now, far gone.
I never thought that 
I would fall this hard. 

I was afraid to tell you 
all the feelings in my heart..
thinking that if I told you,
you and I would fall apart.

I hesitated...
and now our love is breaking...
'cause you move on
and I'm still waiting.

Baby, he won't ever 
love you like I do.
'cause you should be my lady.
Waited for so long 
to say to you...
Come back to me.

It was so perfect in my dreams.
Don't you know that...
I will always 
love you forever.

But baby...
When the church bells ring...
You know I wanted us to be there together.

Now you're in your wedding dress
How could he be the one?

Now it all comes down to this.
Our love is such a bliss
You've blessed me with the best

and now he wants in your heart
I wanted you to know my heart bled for you.
But would he ever do the same for you?
We played this game called Love
but how is it that I came out gone?

Wishing that this could have been real 
this time around, our love.
Tick, tick the times runs
and I can't keep on it
cause time won't tell.
will I make it home?

Well, I guess the time has come
the veil has to come off.
He takes your hand but baby...
Please, don't say "I do"
It's tearing me apart.
It's chocking me
It's piercing my heart and my soul

P/s : Musim cuti sekolah nak dekat, musim kahwin-kahwin pon sama. Kalau ikutkan teori 'How I Met Your Mother', ianya semacam bala bawa ex-couple dalam wedding kita. Tapi aq tengok Anang tuh, lepak chill je siap bolah menyanyi lagi dalam wedding ex-wife dia. Dalam hati dia, sapa tahu kan.
P/s/s : Tak kira, aq still nak cakap Nik Irfan memang handsome! =)
apa u'all rasa? 

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