Just The Way You Are

Monday, April 18, 2011 - si tukang karang : zey at 1:44 AM
Hola people!
*Ini cuma essay UPSR je LOL!

Too many to be choose from? ha-ha!

I don't search for a boy that says 'love you' every time we met, that says 'missing you' every time we leave, that says trillion time that he is loyal to me even though he don't even know the meaning of it, that buy me handyplasts, panadols, to show that he cares. I am searching for a boy that don't have any of those characters but COMPASSION. Yes, I am inside him and he is inside me. I don't want you to be what YOU want, I just want you to be comfortably on your own skin, dear. That's all, and now you keep telling me that I am 'high maintenance' and whatsover...well, you got no idea why I don't 'appreciate' your try-so-hard-thingy. 

P/s : Agak-agak budak-budak Hujan tu tengah scrabble word apa yer?
apa u'all rasa? 

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