Difference between 60's song and this so-call-urban song.

Thursday, February 17, 2011 - si tukang karang : zey at 9:38 PM
Hola readers!
It's funny to think that we live in a world with singers talking about having sex. But in the early 1960's all The Beatles wanted was to hold your hand. (: -azwin-
Copying status from a friend on Facebook. Ada betul gak dengan apa yang dia kata. Don't believe me? Ok, let these video clips tell you. One is from 60's 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' by the famous The Beatles and from this era I give you guys 'I Just Had Sex' by Akon. 

And guys, you don't have to wait for the second video clip to see the 18sx-thing [haha!] or not u're gonna regret~

p/s : Ni baru lagu Akon, tak cerita lagi dengan lagu Lady Gaga. Adehhh.... '-_-. Oh, btw, I hate homosexual!  
apa u'all rasa? 

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