enjoy the silence!

Friday, October 22, 2010 - si tukang karang : zey at 9:20 AM
"Cinta itu adalah apabila kita dapat MENIKMATI KESUNYIAN bersama kekasih!
Enjoy the silence!! Tak paham lagi? Itulah CINTA!!
You know you‘re in love after you found somebody really special, that you can just shut up for a day and comfortably enjoy the silence.” 

woman was made from the rib of man,
she was not created from his head to top
nor from his feet to be stepped upon,
she was made from hid side to be close to 
from beneath his arm to be protected by
near his heart to be loved by him. 

i just haven't met who own 'dis' rib.
apa u'all rasa? 

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