the blue bird n the hijabist

Saturday, October 9, 2010 - si tukang karang : zey at 10:51 AM

i've got something to share here
satu artikel yang aq amek kat surau wanita.
satu perbualan antara blue bird dengan seorang wanita yang memakai tudung.

the blue bird :
i wus resting on a tree branch,
when i met her, a lil girl wit scarf on her head
my heart wus curious so i asked her of the headscarf,
here is wut she said to me;

the blue bird

"dis peace of cloth i am wearing,
is a symbol of faith n dignity,
keep me protected n
as a reminder to me,
from breaking the rules He made

women are beautiful,
such a waste to hide,
the beauty behind the veil
truth to be told, Bluebird
a hijab is a symbol of modesty n sincerity.
so wut the world would see
is not my surface, but my heart.
though it may not be as pure as,
i know...
but i am learning n tryin to be a better of me.

yunalis zarai

remember, lil bird...
never judge a bo0k by its cover.
i am wearing a hijab 
does not state i am flawless becoz i am not,
for i commit sins which i need to redeem
n may He accepts my prayers n doa'

i may not b a fashionista or a beauty.
but i am a believer for i believe in Him
who knows the better of me,
his creation in dis world He created...

oh, bluebird...
who r we to judge the Creator?
to say dat it is our freedom,
for not to obey...
wut about his rights then?
He who made us,
He, who is merciful,
n filled wit luv.

thus, i am wearing dis hijab,

i am learnin n tryin to be a better of me.

apa u'all rasa? 

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